досуги на природе и спорт , наземные виды спорта en Haute-Loire

    Gentle or dynamic, these sports will fill up all family, of the smallest in the biggest. For pure feelings in the heart of the countryside go through ways and tracks by using fauna and flora either appreciate peace of a green or the calmness of a walk on horseback. For big shiver, leave to explore the depths of the earth by practicing the spéleologie or to climb at the top of cliffs with escalation.
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наземные виды спорта в Boisset

Claire Poney Nature - Ferme de Découverte Ecologique

Granger Claire le bourg 43500 Boisset (Haute-Loire)
телефон : 06 81 96 54 07
Visit on foot or pony form of games or guidance Scavenger Hunt Pony farm écologique.Claire Nature also offers pony activity: lessons, boarding, training. You can sleep in a teepee in unusual ...
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фотография de Week-end "découverte" à cheval et balade en Auvergne
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наземные виды спорта в Retournac

Week-end "découverte" à cheval et balade en Auvergne

Chevalier Béatrice et Jean-Pierre Les Revers 43130 Retournac (Haute-Loire)
телефон : 04 71 59 42 81  - сотовый телефон : 06 31 24 04 20
В южной части Auvergne, мы приветствуем вас на нашей ферме конный символ, расположенный в просторный и зеленый, в ...

наземные виды спорта в Saint-Paulien

Domaine de Viaye

Daniel Boudon Chassagnoles 43350 Saint-Paulien (Haute-Loire)
телефон : 04 71 00 56 77  - факс : 04 71 00 56 77
From the Hautes-Chaumes to the Margeride plateau, the volcanoes and lakes of the Auvergne to the wild grandeur of the Loire and Allier gorges, our adventure treks into unspoiled areas include five to ...
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