гастрономия , деревенские дома dans le Cantal

    It is in any simplicity that you will be welcomed in the farms-inns. Offered meals come from traditional recipes cooked with products in direct provenance of working.
1 dans le Cantal.
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деревенские дома в Le Vaulmier

Le buron du chaussedier

Mathieu Alain et Chantal Le col d'Aulac 15380 Le Vaulmier (Cantal)
телефон : 04 71 69 50 85  - сотовый телефон : 06 72 46 66 50
Chantal and Alain Mathieu offers you to taste product from the farm.
(home-made sausage and ham , "Salers" beef on reservation, truffrades, bourriols, pounti ...)
Chantal Mathieu and Alain welcome ...
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